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Who we are

The mission of Bikeways is to establish a network of bike rentals and services along cycling routes all over Europe, making cycling the key element of eco-tourism.

On the basis of experience in cycling, the project has started already in 2004. An important event occured in 2009 in the context of the project Terre di Aquileia by Bike, and in 2011 started the cooperation with the Vatican organisation Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi to promote the development and increase the popularity of cycling on pilgrimage routes. Bikeways has evolved in a completely tourist product with the emphasis on sustainable mobility and on discovering places from the point of view of culture and gastronomy on the basis of experience and cooperation with structures working in the field of cycling tourism. Bikeways thus works at European level as a support structure for all the tourism offer related to cycling.

It is a comprehensive system of services for cycling tourists. It is available to anyone who would like to work or already works in the field of cycling tourism. The services offered are

  • Pick up in case of problem.
  • Assistance and bike shop.
  • Battery sharing and charging stations.
  • Accomodation and food service available at our Refreshment Points.
  • Shuttle and luggage transport.
  • Maritime transport - ferry.

The partnership of various organisations and other tour operators, put Bikeways in an international context, affecting the Mediterranean Europe, with the activations of rental points in Slovenia, Croatia, starting from Trieste in Italy , to Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, going to France (Lourdes) and the route of Santiago de Compostela Spain. The offer is based on partners who have access to the rental system bikeways, service by qualified service Mathitech ® QT and park bikes and accessories manufacturer Mathitech.

Environment, Attention to the cyclist, Discovery and Exploitation of the area, with high quality service, standardization of processes, internationalization, and offers integrated with planning skills are the strengths of bikeways.

Mathitech s.r.l., Viale Miramare 5, 34135 Trieste (TS), Italy & MATHITECH d.o.o., Kraska Ulica 4, 6210 Sezana, Slovenija